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Safer Online Access

Outline is an open source VPN developed by Jigsaw Operations LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and still under Google. The VPN provides a faster, safer and secure browsing for users hosting a local network while remaining anonymous from outside sources that have malicious intentions.

Entering A Private VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is becoming a viable choice in the market for online users and network administrator since it helps everyone working on a network be redirected on an encrypted server far away from their original location. Other than being rerouted to a secure remote server, VPN is also used for entering websites that may be restricted on some regions. Outline enables any users to connect in their VPN server as long as it’s already integrated on their local internet network and provider. They can select what server they would like to be relocated. The VPN ensures safer access to the world wide web, as well as keep conversation with fellow users private from others’ intrusion. The VPN is also utilized for quicker server connection in a single tap with “Connect” when users receive an invitation to access an existing private Outline server. VPN is useful for establishments such as news outlets, companies, offices and even households.

Security Features To Trust

The key to this VPN’s reliable security is its strong encryption. Radically Open Security, a recognized Non-Profit Computer Security Consultancy, audited the VPN’s code to perfect its service. Its open source nature means that users can expect constant updates that can adapt with the current situation of the internet. It also means users can get updated security settings for the VPN to work smoothly. The VPN utilizes an early-stage platform called Shadowsocks. Users are free to contribute with the full development of this VPN by sharing their own codes to Jigsaw Operations LLC’s official GitHub, as well as follow their official Reddit and Medium page. By taking part of the VPN’s development, it will eventually become available for all platforms and include new features.The VPN will become available for several platforms so that every kind of user is accommodated with protection from online dangers. It gives users the ability to control their privacy settings and host a personalized server. The VPN meanwhile never logs every web traffic flowing in the network. This gives information secured from leaking against outside snooping. Users can also install Outline Manager for integrating cloud provider with the local network. The extra application allows server creation, as well as grant access to any accounts physically present in the premises. This is usable in office setup or news outlets that depends on a singular network. ESports athletes may even take advantage of this feature whenever they have to practice for their big game while using a single network.

For Gathering and Sharing Real News

Everybody are seeking reliable VPN service for their work. To protect everybody when accessing every information online and contacting important people, it is important to have a VPN installed. Outline is the perfect choice every kind of job that requires access to the world wide web because users will never know when will they be in danger.


  • Experience faster, more reliable internet access
  • Surf online discreetly
  • Engage to private communication
  • Access websites restricted by region


  • To be made available with other OS
  • Comes in subscription platform
  • Content depends on the contribution of other users
  • Similar to Alphabet Outline Virtual Private Network

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Outline APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.6.0
  • 4.5
  • (48)
  • APK Status

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