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A free tool to create your own VPN beta

Outline is a free and easy-to-use security software that lets users create and set up their own VPN. Designed by Jigsaw, a subsidiary company under Google-owned Alphapet LLC, Outline is set to make VPN technology accessible to the general public. It is open-source and uses transparent technology that has been audited by two well-known security firms

Although remarkable, Outline VPN download for Windows is still in the beta stage, so users can expect a few glitches when using the software. However, setting up and deploying a VPN and its corresponding server is quite simple and hardly takes any time. It’s a self-reliant option for users looking to move away from standard VPN services like Hamachi, Free VPN, Hotspot Shield, and Shadowsocks.

What is Outline?

Outline is a security software that lets you run a VPN on a server that you control. This service not only helps you in encrypting your internet traffic but also lets you avoid sharing your personal information and logs with VPN service providers. In addition to this, Outline provides various tutorials and instructions that can help you set up and run your own VPN. 

Developed by Google-owned Jigsaw, Outline is feature-rich and suitable for both small businesses and individuals. However, the application is still in the beta phase, which means you may come across a few bugs and issues. Apart from this, you will get access to a user-friendly design that gives competition to even the best VPNs out there.

What are the features of Outline VPN?

One of the best things about Outline VPN is that it has some of the most high-end functions that are resistant to blocking. In fact, Outline tends to work even where standard VPNs get blocked or don’t connect. This includes DNS blocking, IP address blocking, and content blocking.

Unfortunately for users who like to stream online content, Outline doesn’t do so well. The software currently doesn’t have the technology needed to surpass restrictions placed by streaming sites around the world. When you try to connect to a streaming site while being connected to a VPN, you may come across a black screen. Torrenting leads to similar results, thereby proving that Outline isn’t yet suitable for watching or downloading online content

While Outline VPN has its drawback, it is no way out of the competition. The reason behind this is the fact that the software gives you complete control over your online security. Only you, as the administrator, have the right to decide the location of your VPN server, as well as who has access. 

In addition to this, you can even create an access key for someone with whom you wish to share the network. If you decide to share your VPN with more than one user, you can do so too. The software features an Outline Manager that lets you set individual data limits for all users who have access to your server via the Outline app.

How does Outline VPN work?

VPN is short for a virtual private network. When you use a VPN, all your internet traffic goes through an encryption tunnel that hides your location and IP address. It also protects your data, communications, and browsing habits from hackers lurking on the network. However, when you use a VPN from a service provider, you give up logs or information that can easily be traced to you

To avoid this from happening, Jigsaw created Outline - a security software that lets you create and set up a VPN and server. It is user-friendly and provides all the information you would need to get started. Since fewer users get connected via this VPN, it becomes harder to detect the server and easier to keep it hidden

Is Outline VPN safe?

The Outline VPN application has been checked out by two security firms and has published its code on GitHub for the world to explore and find vulnerabilities. Moreover, it doesn’t collect any information about the users, including hosting configurations, personal data, and browsing history. Considering all of this, Outline VPN can be considered safe to use, far more than other VPNs available in the market. 

Is Outline VPN free?

Outline VPN is free to download and use. However, if you want to create your own server, you will have to pay a monthly fee. You can even opt for other subscription plans available on the company’s website. 

Should I download Outline VPN?

If you’re looking for a free, easy-to-use, and highly secure VPN service, then download Outline VPN. While the software isn’t a VPN, it lets you create and set up your own VPN server. Doing all of this does not take too much time, and you can be up and running within a few minutes. The software also lets you share your server with anyone via access keys. 


  • Option to create and set up a VPN server
  • Offers transparent technology
  • Is open-source and free


  • Still in beta stage

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Outline for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.6.0
  • 4.2
  • (82)
  • Security Status

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